Frequnetly Asked Questions

Can all lofts be converted?

Majority of loft conversions can be converted, this all depends on a variety of different factors like: The roof height internally, the area, the council, access to staircase and other factors. One the biggest factors is the height inside the roof, where you do not have enough height, then you have to look to the possibility of lowering the first floor ceiling to gain extra space in the loft area. One of our surveyors can tell you straight away at site visit if the project is possible or not.

Do I need planning permission for my loft conversion?

The vast majority of loft conversions do not need planning permission as they come under permitted development rules. This means that you can build your loft providing you stick to local building regulations rules and regulations. This does not mean you can build whatever you like and no one can stop your work, you still have to submit plans, structural calculations and get approval from building control. There is still some loft conversions that require planning permission. When you own a property in conservation area, a listed building or in an area where permitted development is not allowed you will have to get planning permission from your local council see Loft Conversion Plans

Can Jigsaw Build arrange all the planning for me?

Jigsaw Build aim to offer a one stop shop for our clients, this mean thats we carry out your loft conversion right from plans to completion. Jigsaw Build have an experienced design and planning team who are experts in gaining you planning approval from your local council. Jigsaws team will draw up the existing and proposed plans for your loft conversion and submit them on your behalf, we will then arrange for structural calculations and building control plans to be made and submit them to the local authority. This is part of your loft conversion without any extra charge. Any council submission fees are paid by the client.

Do i need permission from my neighbours?

When building a loft conversion if you have a party wall connecting your property, you will have inform your neighbour about your plans for a loft conversion. You do not need permission from your neighbours but you must inform them and if they have a problem with the proposed works, you can get a party wall surveyor involved. The party wall surveyor will issue party wall notices on your behalf and come and inspect the party wall, they will take pictures and make a party wall award outlining what can be done. This is a straight forward process and is not to be confused with planning permission as there is no refusal in this.

What are the different types of loft conversions?

There 5 different types of loft conversion options available. Each loft conversion is dependant to the type of property you have. Jigsaw Builds design and planning team will explain to you the different types of loft conversion options that can be built on your home, they will explain to you the the advantages and disadvantages of each loft conversion, see Loft Conversion Options

How much will my loft conversion cost?

Each loft conversion is unique and it is hard to have ball park figure for each project as no 2 projects are the same. Jigsaw Build has made a special loft conversion cost guide, this will explain to your the different price for each loft conversion. The price can only be finalised with a site visit and a discussion about what kind specification you want your loft conversion to be. Vat will be added to the price of any loft conversion. Apart form the cost to build the loft there are other costs like, shower suite, tiles, etc. see Loft Conversion Costs

What is your payment structure?

Jigsaw Build do not believe in taking large sums o money of people up front without doing any work, this is why apart from your initial deposit all payments are stage by stage and in areas. What this means for you is that the loft conversion will be built in different stages and only after the agreed work has been completed and you make the payment. This is is beneficial for you as you know exactly what work is being carried out and what stage of the build you are at. This gives you control and you can see what you are paying for. see Loft Conversion Stages

How long does a loft conversion take to complete?

Majority of loft conversion are completed within a 9 to 12 week time frame, this is based upon the work being carried out and no extra work required. Generally speaking some times when a loft conversion project starts majority of people decide that they want renovate there bathroom or restore their brick work, this obviously adds more time tot he project. If there is no extra work required then within 9 - 12 weeks the loft conversion will be completed.

How do i know that my loft conversion will be built properly and what guarantees, warranties, and certificates are given?

During the loft conversion process building inspectors will be visiting your home to check the work, these inspectors work for you and are there to make sure everything is within government rules and regulations. Once the project is completed they will issue you a completion certificate, as well as this you will be issued with a electrical certificate from a qualified electrician. When carrying out a loft conversion if you have had any gas work undertaken Jigsaw Build will give you a gas safety certificate. When your loft has been completed Jigsaw Build also offer a special 10 year guarantee, this guarantee gives you peace of mind that you are covered for the future. See Guarantees and Certificates

Can i visit your completed loft conversion projects?

Yes Jigsaw Build will give show projects that we have completed, we highly recommend this as you can see how a loft conversion will look once completed. This way you can get ideas for your own loft conversion and at the same time see the quality of our work.

Do you build home extensions, basement conversion and refurbishments?

Yes Jigsaw Build carry out all kinds of building work, we especially known for carrying property transformations. This means we go into a property and strip it all out right back down the the walls and floor joists, then the loft is converted, extension built and the entire property is rebuilt to your specification. Everything will be built to your style and specification.

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