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Jigsaw Builds loft extensions are bespoke and designed to your style

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Jigsaw Builds attic conversions can open up your homes unused floor space

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Jigsaw Build can build a l shaped attic conversions on victorian homes

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Why move out when you can move up and make a dream loft conversion

Completed Projects Book a Free Quote

Jigsaw Build offer a plans to completion service with our attic extensions

Completed Projects Book a Free Quote

Welcome to Jigsaw Build, specialists in all types of loft extensions and attic conversions. Jigsaw Build can turn your unused loft space into a bespoke living space, we offer a complete plans to completion service for our customers. Jigsaw Build use high end loft builders to make your loft conversion just the way you want it. Each loft conversion comes with a 10 year guarantee and completion certificates.

Scaffolding fitted, project begins

The first step in the loft conversion build process is to fit scaffolding to the property. The area to front and the back of the property has to be cleared up. The scaffolding will be fitted to the front and the back of the property, in the case of end terraced him the scaffolding will be fitted to the side of property. The scaffolding will have ladder to the front of the property so that the loft builders can access your roof. Then a skip arrives and the loft builders will start clearing out the loft to make way for your loft conversion

Steel structure fitted

The next stage in your loft conversion build process is to make preparations for your loft conversion steel structure. The steel structure supports the entire loft and has to be positioned correctly. The loft builders will now make holes in the supporting walls for the loft conversion steels. The sections which have been removed form the wall will need spreader plates put down to hold the steels. The steels will be lifted to the roof and positioned in the loft conversion supporting walls.

Dormer structure constructed

Now that steel structure is completed, your loft conversion dormer structural works will begin. The existing roof will be removed and the waste removed. Timber joists will be used to create a loft dormer to the roof of your property. The joists are strengthened and connected to each other using noggins. The wooden joists are joined together and fitted within your steel structure connecting it all as one. Ply sheets are used for the dormer roof and the sides of your loft conversion. The front and rear of your roof holes are made to make way for your loft skylights.

Roof tiles and insulation fitted

The next stage in your loft conversion is to fit roof tiles to the side of your dormer. The tiles are used to finish the exterior of your dormer. The top section of your roof will be finished using 3 layers of felt to make sure there is no water leaking into the loft conversion. The last layer of felt is torched onto your loft flat roof to seal your roof. Now that the external area is water tight insulation will be fitted within the loft. The insulation will be foiled back insulation in the roof and sides of the loft extension.

Electrical and plumbing insgalltion

Jigsaw builds team will now run your electrical wires throughout the loft. The electrical system will be connected to your existing fuse board. Most loft conversions have a shower room fitted, jigsaw builds team will now install all the first fix of the plumbing work within your loft conversion. Pipes will also be run for your radiators in your loft. Once your pipework is installed jigsaw builds plumbers will connect your homes existing heating system with your new loft conversion shower room and radiators.


The next step in your loft extension is connected the loft to the rest of your home, this is done by making a staircase from your first floor hallway to your loft conversion. Jigsaw Build professional carpenters will come on site and create beautiful staircase that connects to your existing staircase. Jigsaw Build believe in making high quality loft conversion this why our staircases are constructed using timber, not ply or mdf. Your loft conversion staircase needs to be solid as it will be used frequently

Doors, skirting and architraves

Jigsaw Build team will now create partitions in the loft, this will make different different rooms within your home conversion. The next step is to fit fire rated doors within your loft conversion. The doors are required to have 30 minute fire protection in the event of a fire. once completed, Jigsaw Builds team will now fit skirting and architrave throughout your loft conversion, the skirting and architrave will be fitted to the edges and around the doors. The next step is to plaster the loft conversion rooms.

Shower room and tiling completed

Now that your loft conversion rooms have been made and plastered, Jigsaw Builds team will now start creating your shower room. Jigsaw Builds professional plumber will now fit your loft conversion shower room and tiles. The tiles will be fitted around shower area and the floor. The next step is now to fit your electrical power points and lights, this will take place throughout the loft area. The last stage in your loft conversion is to fit all your loft skylights and loft conversion windows.

Completion certificates

Jigsaw Build is professional loft conversion company thats build high specification loft rooms. Jigsaw build offer a 10 year guarantee with our loft conversions, the guarantee will give your peace of mind that your work is constructed properly. Jigsaw build will also supply you with a electrical certificate, building control completion certificate. Whilst your loft conversion work was carried if you had to move your boiler or carry out any gas work, you will be supplied with a gas safety certificate.

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