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Jigsaw Builds loft conversions are bespoke and designed to your style

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Jigsaw Builds loft conversions can open up your homes unused floor space

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Jigsaw Build can build a l shaped loft conversion on victorian homes

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Why move out when you can move up and make a dream loft

Completed Projects Book a Free Quote

Jigsaw Build offer a plans to completion service with our loft conversions

Completed Projects Book a Free Quote

Welcome to Jigsaw Build, specialists in all types of loft extensions and attic conversions. Jigsaw Build can turn your unused loft space into a bespoke living space, we offer a complete plans to completion service for our customers. Jigsaw Build use high end loft builders to make your loft conversion just the way you want it. Each loft conversion comes with a 10 year guarantee and completion certificates.

Eaves Loft Conversion From £20,000

An Eaves loft conversion is the probably the cheapest loft to build. This type of loft room is referred to as an ‘Internal loft extension’ or a ‘Velux loft conversion’. The loft exterior structure is not changed except maybe by installing the skylight windows, hence why it is called a ‘Velux conversion’. Internally floor joists are fitted to form the loft floor. Then electrical wires, plumbing and heating is installed in the loft. Finally the loft is boarded up, plastered and painted. Although this is the cheapest loft to build, it does not add much value to a property when compared to other loft extensions.

Dormer Loft Conversion From £35,000

A Dormer loft conversion is one of the most common types of loft conversions built. The rear of the roof is extended to form a dormer extension. Steels beams are fitted into the attic to form the floor and support the structure. Insulation is fitted all throughout the loft extension. An electrical circuit is installed in the attic conversion. A shower room or bathroom is fitted in the loft rooms. Skylights, windows or Juliet balcony can be fitted into the attic extension. This type of loft conversion adds value to a property, the extra rooms are counted as extra bedrooms or shower rooms when it comes to selling the property.

L Shaped Loft / Double Dormer Loft Conversion From £37,000

A double dormer loft extension is commonly found on Edwardian and Victorian properties. These types of properties have an extra rear addition to the property, therefore the L shaped loft is built like a dormer loft conversion but an extra room is built on top of the rear addition. Structural work is undertaken and this type of loft conversion can create 2 bedrooms and a shower room / bathroom. Although planning permission is not required for this type of loft extension, for extra caution jigsaw build would recommend applying for a certificate of lawful development for this type of conversion.

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion From £38,000

This type of loft is built on end terrace properties. A hip to gable loft is the similar to a dormer loft conversion, except the loft is constructed to the side and the back of the dormer. To the side a wall is constructed using bricks or blocks and to the rear the loft is constructed using a timber frame and tiles. The attic conversion is built using structural steel beams to make the loft stronger. The rest of the loft is the same as a dormer loft. This type of loft conversion does not require planning permission but plans have to be submitted under building control. This type of loft conversion adds a lot of space to the property

Mansard Loft Conversion From £40,000

A Mansard loft conversion is commonly found on three storey properties. A mansard loft extension use the full floor space of a loft a conversion. The loft conversion is built with brickwork to the sides and the loft is raised from the front and rear of the property. The mansard loft conversion has the best height out of all the loft conversion types. This type of loft conversion is more commonly found and around central London. This type of loft conversion requires planning permission approval form your local authority. A mansard loft extension is more like a full floor conversion meaning that it does not feel like a loft conversion but feels like part of the original property. This is the type of loft conversions most commonly found in and round the city of London. This is the type of loft conversions most commonly found in and round the city of London.

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