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Jigsaw Builds kitchen extensions are bespoke and designed to your style

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Jigsaw Builds house extensions can open up your homes unused floor space

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Jigsaw Build can build a side return extension on victorian homes

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Why move out when you can extend and make a dream building extension

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Jigsaw Build offer a plans to completion service with our house extensions

Completed Projects Book a Free Quote

Jigsaw build have designed a very simple guide of how much your home extension will cost to build. The prices quoted here are just a guide price, the final price is dependant on a site visit as there is many different types of building extensions that can be built. Every house extension is dependant on the size, type and location of the property. You will receive certificates with each project.

Kitchen Extension - From £35,000

When building any type of house extension, the most popular type of home extension is a kitchen extension. The kitchen and living area is a place where you will find that you spend a lot of time. This is why most people want to have bespoke, unique and open living area so that their friends and family members can relax and unwind. This type of extension can be built under permitted development rights depending on what size your kitchen extension will be. Jigsaw builds team of professional builders offer a complete plans to completion service for our customers.

Side Return Extension - From £35,000

A Side return extension has become very popular recently. This type of extension is common on Victorian or Edwardian properties. The property can be extended to the side and to the rear, giving a vast amount living space. The side return extension is built the same as a kitchen extension but may need extra structural work to be carried out. This type of extension may need planning depending on the size of the extension. Jigsaw builds team of professional design and planning team are experienced in gaining planning approval for side return extensions.

Garage Extension - From £25,000

A Garage conversion is an extension which converts the garage area into a habitable room. This extension takes place to the side of the property and can be extended in line with the rest of the property. A garage extension can create a vast amount of living area for your home. A garage room can add substantial increase to your homeís value. Garage extensions generally require planning approval as you changing the garage into a habitable area. Jigsaw builds team of consultants are experts in garage conversion planning approval.

Double Storey Extension - From £50,000

A double storey extension can be carried out to the rear and the side of your home. This by far is the building extension which creates the most amount of rooms in your home. There is vast amount increase in your property value by adding this many more rooms. Your home will be extended to the first and second floor, this will give you more bedrooms, bathrooms and much bigger living space in your home. Double storey extensions require planning permission. Jigsaw build offer a complete design to completion service for our building projects.

Garden Rooms - From £30,000

Garden rooms have become very popular in recent times. Garden annexes are built at the rear of the garden. They are used as offices, play rooms, storage area or a pool room. Jigsaw build can build a garden room that is designed to your design and specification. Each garden room is bespoke and not the same as others. Jigsaw build will build your garden like how an extension is built. The garden room will have similar foundations, cavity walls, insulation and roof. Jigsaw builds tradesmen will build your garden from start finish.

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Jigsaw Build offer a free site survey will all our house extensions projects. One of our surveyors will come to your property to take a look at your garden area. They will have chat with you about what you are trying to achieve and what is the purpose of your side return extension project. They will explain the house extension planning process to you, this will give you an idea what kind of costs are involved and how long your side return extension will take to build. Call or Email to book your free home extension quotation.

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