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Jigsaw build have designed a very simple guide of what type of home extension you can build. There are many different types of building extensions that can be added to your home. Jigsaw Builds team of designers will take your home extension idea and implement it into one of the building extension options shown below. Every house extension is dependant of the size, type and location of the property.

Kitchen Extension

When it comes to house extensions, the most common type of extension that is constructed, is the kitchen extension. Many people spend a lot of time in the kitchen and living area, therefore they want to have a nice, grand, open living space, somewhere that they can relax with their family and friends. Jigsaw builds design and planning team are kitchen extension specialists. The kitchen extension is built into the rear garden area. Most kitchen extension are built under permitted development and do not need planning permission. If you want to make a larger kitchen extension then planning permission will be required. The recent change in extension laws, means that you can apply for 6 meter extension under the neighbour consultation scheme, if there is no objection you extend up to 6 meters.

Side Return Extension

Side return extensions have become very popular in recent years, especially in expensive areas in London. This type of house extension is built on Edwardian or Victorian properties because these type of properties have an extra rear addition. This back addition forms an extra part to the side of the property, this is the section that is extended to the side, hence the name side return extension. The side return extension is in effect a kitchen extension but because the property is extended to the side on the ground floor with nothing above, you get lots of natural light coming into the kitchen extension. These type of house extension may require planning approval depending on the size, the property type and the area the property is located.

Garage Extension

As property prices are increasing more and more people want to extend their home on the ground floor, rather than move out. If you own a home that has has a garage area, you can probably extend your home into the side garage area. You can carry out a garage conversion and change that area into habitable rooms. Garage conversions are normally single storey extensions but in some cases you can extend into two stories. A garage conversion can open up a lot more space in your home. Garage conversions can create a large open plan space in your home. With garage extensions more than likely planning permission will be needed from your local authority.

Double Storey Extension

With larger properties, if you have space on the side or the back of your property, jigsaw builds team of planners can apply for permission for a double storey extension. This by far is the biggest type of home extension and creates a lot more rooms in your home, especially in side extension which can maybe create 4 more rooms in your home. Jigsaw build can convert your home to create a grand living space by carrying out a double storey extension in your home. Double storey side or back extensions require planning permission and have certain criteria that must be followed. Double storey extensions are given permission on a variety of factors, one of them being the neighbours right of light. Jigsaw build can arrange for planning permission for your double storey extension.

Garden Rooms

The garden can be a great way to extend your home as many people have a large garden area. Jigsaw build are experts at converting your gardens unused floor space to create a bespoke garden room. There are certain rules and regulations you must follow but the garden rooms can be built in most cases. Your garden room can be a unique bespoke area you and your family can relax in. The garden room is constructed similarly to how home extension is constructed. Foundations will be removed and filled with concrete. Then a cavity wall is constructed to form the garden rooms side walls. Then a roof is constructed, which can a flat roof or a pitched tile roof. Jigsaw build team of professional builders can build a garden room to your specification.

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